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White Dove Hospice is a hospice center located in sunny and beautiful Thousand Oaks, California. As a hospice center, White Dove always caters to the needs of the patients at all times. In doing so, White Dove hopes to make the final stage of life for hospice patients as pleasant as possible.

One of the ways that White Dove caters to the needs of hospice patients is by providing them with local resources. Some of these resources include palliative care, local grief support groups, veteran services, and more.

Private Duty Care

One example of a resource that White Dove provides hospice patients with is private duty care. Private duty care is when patients receive hospice care in the comfort of their own homes.

Some services that White Dove Hospice provides patients with during private duty care are personal. For example, private duty care can include assistance with bathing, cleaning, cooking, and getting dressed. If patients need it, White Dove will also provide patients with a reminder for when they’ll need to take their medications.

Grief Support

Grief support is a White Dove Hospice resource that benefits both patients and their loved ones. This is because hospice patients and their loved ones are grieving the eventual loss of life.

Through the White Dove Hospice grief support resources, grieving patients and their loved ones can talk to local grief support groups. White Dove Hospice even hopes to expand its grief support services to being online in the near future. That way patients and their loved ones can reach a grief support team member at any given time.

Veteran Services

White Dove Hospice even offers resources that are just for patients that are veterans. For example, veteran patients can receive specialized counseling services that cater to their individual mental health needs.

Due to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, White Dove Hospice also offers veteran patients coverage for different funeral and burial costs. Thus, if you’re in the Thousand Oaks, California area and are constantly searching for hospice veteran services, you’ve found what you’ve been looking for here at White Dove Hospice.

Palliative Care

Another major resource that White Dove Hospice provides its patients with is palliative care. What is palliative care? Palliative care is care that helps mitigate pain for hospice patients while simultaneously making their last stage of life more enjoyable.

When comparing palliative care vs. hospice care, palliative care helps patients that are very much still alive but depressed and in severe pain due to terminal illness. Hospice care, on the other hand, is preparation for death in the form of care.

Palliative care is a vital resource because it can take an individual’s hospice experience from being miserable to being peaceful. Therefore, if you live in the Thousand Oaks, California area and are looking for palliative care near me, look no further than White Dove Hospice.

Daily Living and Personal Assistance

White Dove Hospice also provides hospice patients with daily personal assistance. In fact, White Dove Hospice aims to grant the wish of all of its patients each and every day.

With such compassionate and patient-focused care, there are few hospice facilities that can compete with the consistent, detailed service that White Dove Hospice offers. Thus, it’s best to receive daily living and personal hospice assistance here at White Dove Hospice.

Companionship and Emotional Support

If the attention and care that White Dove Hospice patients get from the White Dove nurses and staff every day aren’t enough, patients can also receive occasional visits from volunteers. Such volunteer visits are a great resource for hospice patients to use to build new relationships.

White Dove Hospice patients can also build relationships with the social workers that occasionally visit them. In fact, social workers offer emotional support to hospice patients. Having emotional support is just as important as having physical support when in hospice care.

Social workers providing hospice patients with emotional support is ideal. On top of the emotional support that hospice patients sometimes receive from social workers and volunteers, White Dove Hospice staff members always go out of their way to check in on patients.

When checking in on patients, the White Dove staff aims to make patients feel supported and comforted. That way, no White Dove patient feels alone. The various forms of care and support at White Dove Hospice make venturing through the last stage of life easier.

Acceptable Insurance At White Dove Hospice

Many of the patients in hospice care are elderly. Thus, White Dove Hospice works with Medicare Medical as an in-network insurance provider resource. This makes it easier for White Dove patients to pay for the cost of their stay in hospice.

Improve Your Hospice Care Experience By Using White Dove Hospice Resources

Very few hospice centers provide all the major resources that White Dove Hospice provides. Furthermore, very few hospice centers provide such resources in such a familial and compassionate manner.

This is because very few hospices value their patients like family in the manner that White Dove Hospice does. That’s why the White Dove Hospice motto is, “your family is our family.”

Because White Dove Hospice views patients and their loved ones as family, the hospice center vows that they’ll always do hospice care the right way, no matter the challenges. White Dove Hospice also promises to provide each and every patient with high-quality care that’s compassionate, professional, and experienced.

Furthermore, every time White Dove Hospice staff members interact with patients or family members of patients, they make sure that the individuals feel heard and understood. Hopefully, in doing this, it helps relieve some of the grief and anxiety that often accompanies hospice care.

To learn more about the resources here at White Dove Hospice, feel free to contact us over the phone or by email. Our staff is looking forward to hearing from you and answer any questions that you may have.


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To learn more about White Dove Hospice, contact us over the phone or by email. Our staff members will gladly speak to you and answer any questions that you may have about our hospice center.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you or a loved one is considering receiving care at White Dove Hospice and you have questions about the facility, here is the place to get some of those key questions answered. That’s because below you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about our hospice center.

What is hospice care?

Hospice care is the physical maintenance of patients that are suffering from a terminal illness or health condition. If a person is attending hospice care, that person’s health condition is likely beyond repair. Thus, hospice care is about providing people that are in the last stages of life with the day-to-day care and assistance that they need to continue living a decent lifestyle until their lives come to an end.

How do I admit myself or a loved one into hospice care at White Dove Hospice?

Receive an Official Health Evaluation and Diagnosis
To admit yourself or a loved one into hospice care, you should first receive an official health evaluation from your physician that comes to the conclusion that you’re suffering from a terminal illness.    
Contact White Dove Hospice
Once you’ve received such an evaluation and diagnosis, you must contact White Dove Hospice. Once you do that, one of our staff members will ask you for information about you or your loved one’s current health condition. It is at this time that you should inform the White Dove Hospice staff on everything that they need to know about you or your loved one’s terminal illness, medications, and care requirements. Once this informative call is over, the White Dove Hospice staff will likely get back in contact with you. At this time, the White Dove Hospice will also inform you of which services will best suit you or your loved one’s needs. It’s also around this time that you’ll need to officially decide whether or not to receive hospice care at White Dove Hospice. If you or your loved one do decide to receive hospice care with us, you’ll receive an official hospice care start date.    
Verify Your Insurance and Pay for Any Necessary Fees
Around this time you’ll need to verify insurance for hospice care coverage. At White Dove Hospice, Medicare Medical is the in-network insurance provider. You can verify insurance at White Dove Hospice on the White Dove Hospice website, with a White Dove staff member over the phone or by email, or by verifying it in-person at the White Dove Hospice center.    
Join the White Dove Hospice Family
Once one starts receiving hospice care at White Dove, that person and that person’s loved ones are a part of the White Dove Hospice family. As a White Dove Hospice family member, you’ll receive special services to help make your hospice stay more enjoyable. Examples of these hospice services include palliative care, veteran services, private duty care options, grief support groups, and more.

What type of professionals work at White Dove Hospice?

Various medical and behavioral health professionals make up the White Dove Hospice team. Some medical professionals within the White Dove Hospice team include physicians and nurses. Common behavioral health professionals that make up the White Dove Hospice team include home health aides, social workers, and volunteers. Religious leaders, spiritual counselors, mental health counselors, mental health therapists, speech, physical, and/or other occupational therapists, and bereavement specialists, also work at White Dove Hospice.

What role do social workers play in hospice care?

Social workers at hospice centers like White Dove provide emotional support to hospice patients and their loved ones. That way the family members of hospice patients can learn how to function healthily while in a stressful situation. In this case, the stressful situation is having someone that they love in hospice care. Social workers even work with the loved ones of hospice care patients after the patients pass away. That way the loved ones of hospice patients can cope with their loss in a healthy manner.